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The AustriaEnergy Group with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, historically being present in markets like Spain, Italy, Bulgaria. Since 2013 also in Chile, where photovoltaic and wind power plants with an output of close to 1,000 MW have been developed and the respective technology integrated, in part put into operation and the remaining once in construction or financing. This makes AustriaEnergy being one of the leaders and pioneers in these areas.

Two decades of experience with projects site development and technology integration in the renewable energy sector convert us into reliable partners. Our flexibility permits us to adjust to the challenges of a growing industry in the area of wind and solar energy. Our strength is our multinational nature.
Working in harmony with nature and generating competitively priced renewable energy; we are entering the next stage of the energy transition by producing green hydrogen (H2) and green ammonia (NH3).
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AustriaEnergy has significant experience in the site development and technology integration of renewable energy projects. The Company identifies greenfield opportunities as well as early stage site developments to cover the full technology integration cycle from land acquisition, pre-feasibility studies, through the approval process to project readiness for construction or grid connection.
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Green Hydrogen

With a unique and pioneering concept, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of commercially produced hydrogen and green ammonia. The scale of our project is unprecedented and can even be extended into multiple folds. The best global conditions at our sites for renewable energy generation give us unbeatable competitive advantages.

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AustriaEnergy has extensive experience in operating renewable assets according to the specific requirements of investors in terms of operation and maintenance and/or asset management. To date, the Group has developed sites and integrated technologies in approximately 1,000 MW between photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy, these between Europe and Latin America.

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Since its beginning in Spain the AustriaEnergy Group has expanded its sphere of action, opening subsidiaries in Italy and Eastern Europe. To date, the Group has developed sites and integrated technologies close to 1 GW between photovoltaic and wind projects, mainly on an industrial and utility scale. In Italy the company focused on industrial/utility scale site developemnts with a total capacity of 80 MW, divided in 8 projects. Four of those have been constructed, operated and sold to institutional investors.
AustriaEnergy, active in Chile since beginning 2013, has developed sites and applied technologies on more than 700 MW photovoltaic in seven sites. The Company is also developing sites applying wind technology with 120 MW. At present three developed sites are under operation (300 MW), two more are under construction (200 MW), while the others are under preparation to start the construction.

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