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Project Development and Financing

AustriaEnergy has significant experience in the development of renewable energy projects. The Company identifies greenfield opportunities as well as early stage development projects to cover the full development cycle from land acquisition, pre-feasibility studies, through the approval process to project readiness for construction or grid connection. Services include the tendering of EPC and O&M contracts, supervision of EPC/owners engineer, as well as many other topics that the investor may consider relevant.

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Typically, investors will step in once the project has reached RTB (ready to build) or at/post COD (Comercial Operation Date).

Construction Contracting & Monitoring (EPCM)

The company counts with years of experience in international EPC tendering, negotiation and contracting of EPC’s but also long term O&M contracts with the aim to secure investors the return on their investments expected. Doing so we have managed to maintain a number of investors to invest in several proyects.

Operation & Maintenance

A photovoltaic plant is like a living organism, with a lifespan of at least 30 years, and like any other organism, its performance varies due to the ageing of its components, environmental influences and the impact of unforeseen external factors.

In order to guarantee the maximum performance of the plant in any phase of the investment, AustriaEnergy’s O&M process provides technical maintenance, permanent optimisation of the technical performance, including the elaboration of reports and documentation for each component as well as for the plant as a whole.

Corrective intervention, preventive maintenance programmes and plant optimisation proposals incorporating the latest technical developments are also part of AustrianEnergy’s O&M services.

Operational Asset Management

A photovoltaic plant has numerous interactions with other stakeholders: banks, insurance companies, government, energy off-takers and energy regulators, as well as tax and financial authorities. Effective collaboration with all these parties requires technical, commercial, financial and legal expertise which the company counts with or in case of tax and legal subjects, contracts with recognized third parties.

AustriaEnergy offers investors and plant operators its operational asset management services, which include:

  • Financial administration
  • Controlling
  • Cash management
  • Communication with all external parties, such as off-takers, authorities, regulators, insurance companies and others
  • Performance analysis, reports and documentation

Energy storage

In the field of energy storage AustriaEnergy cooperates closely with leading companies worldwide, which design and manufacture grid-scale long-term energy storage systems based on the iron-chrome redox flow battery technology (Fe-Cr RFB). These innovative technologies enable intrinsically safe, reliable and cost-effective large-scale energy storage systems that are ideal for industrial installations, renewable energy support and utility networks. Several companies have installed the world’s first megawatt-hour-scale redox flow-based storage system in operation to demonstrate the technology while gaining real-time experience. This for ‘peak effect’, renewable energy integration and mini-grid control.

Independent Power Producer (IPP)

AustriaEnergy based on its experience in development and execution of renewable proyects is preparing the step towards converting the company into an IPP (Independet Power Producer). 

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