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Green Hydrogen

»I believe that water will one day be employed as fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable.«

Jules Verne, 1874

Universe, Nature, Technology.

The question of humanity’s energy needs has already been answered by nature. The most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, is the future that has already arrived.

Innovation was yesterday, the future is now.

Plans to produce cars, planes, trains and ships powered by green hydrogen are already taking shape around the world. Ambitious projects to transform its energy matrix are already underway in markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

We are made of hydrogen; the future is the hydrogen.

75% of the visible universe is made of hydrogen, nature created us from this element and at the same time gives it to us as an inexhaustible source of energy. Today we have the technology, the knowledge and the professionals to make a quantitative leap not seen since the industrial revolution towards the green revolution. Join this revolution, be part of the future today.

Hydrogen Ammonia Shipping

From nature to the world.

A unique and pioneering concept makes us, together with Ökowind EE GmbH whom we team up for this site development and technology integration, one of the firsts global suppliers of green hydrogen and green ammonia at competitive economic conditions. Projects on an unprecedented scale, the best world in class conditions at our production sites give us superior competitive advantages. Our cutting-edge site involves the production of green hydrogen and green ammonia using 100% renewable energy. Solar and eolic energy are the foundation for generating these elements which are the basis to produce fuels, fertilizers, textiles, sanitizers, steel, explosives, refrigerants, food preservatives, chemicals, electricity beyond others.

Transportable renewable energy is the solution

Renewable transportable energy is the solution: Certain places on the planet are unrivalled sources of renewable energy, often located in remote areas with low local energy consumption. That is why we need to convert renewable energy into distributable means such as green hydrogen and green ammonia that can replace fossil fuels in industrial and chemical processes, transport and mobility, and also to heat our buildings. Step by step, fossil fuels will be replaced by renewable energy carriers.

Site base facts

  • 850,000 mt green NH3 or 150,000 mt green H2 per year
  • 2,3 million tons CO2 avoidance per year
  • Potential to produce multiple fold
  • 100% renewable!

Since ages it has been inconceivable for carbon zero emission producers to become competitive due to the use of conventional energy which involves very high productions costs. we work on zones with the highest sun radiance and wind energy on earth, which reduces electricity production costs and therefore achieves competitive prices for green hydrogen and green ammonia. This is your chance to conquer this new market.

With a unique and pioneering concept, we will be one of the world's leading suppliers of commercially produced hydrogen and green ammonia.

The scale of our site and technology integrated is unprecedented and can even be extended into multiple folds. The best global conditions at our sites for renewable energy generation give us unbeatable competitive advantages.

AustriaEnergy together with Ökowind EE GmbH and CIP (Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners) is working in Chile on a first H2/NH3 green project with a supply capacity of ~850,000 to NH3/year. A multiple expansion can be enabled.

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