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Subscription of the secured 8% Green Bond 2023/2028

As part of the public offer in Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, interested investors can subscribe to the secured 8% Green Bond 2023/2028 of AustriaEnergy International GmbH during the offer period via the company’s website using a digital subscription form (minimum subscription: EUR 10,000):

In addition, the Green Bond (ISIN: DE000A3LE0J4) can also be traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in denominations of EUR 1,000.

Interview of Helmut Kantner with the Börsen Radio Network (Conducted in german)

Green Bond 2023/2028



AustriaEnergy International GmbH

Financial instrument
Green Bond (classified by imug/SPO)
Issue volume
Up to EUR 25 million
Placed volume

EUR 4 million


8.00% p.a.

Unsubordinated, secured
First-ranking pledge of the issuer’s dividend claims against AustriaEnergy Spain, S.L.U., which holds all Chilean sites, to the security trustee in favor of the bondholders
Security trustee
Bondholders, S.L.

EUR 1,000

Issue Price


Minimum subscription amount for subscription via the company website

EUR 10,000

Value date

30 June 2023

5 years: 30 June 2023 to 30 June 2028 (exclusive)
Interest payment
Annually in arrears on 30 June of each year (for the first time in 2024)
Redemption date
30 June 2028
Redemption price


Special termination rights of the issuer
  • From 30 June 2025 to 29 June 2026 at 102% of the nominal amount
  • From 30 June 2026 to 29 June 2027 at 101% of the nominal amount
Termination rights of bondholders and covenants
  • Cross default
  • Negative pledge
  • Transparency obligation
  • Restriction on disposal
  • Prospectus approved by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur (“CSSF”) in Luxembourg with notification to the Austrian Financial Market Authority (“FMA”) and to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (“BaFin”) in Germany
  • The approval of the prospectus shall not be construed as an endorsement of the securities offered.
Applicable law
German law
Stock exchange segment
Open Market of Deutsche Börse AG (Freiverkehr of Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

BankM AG


Securities prospectus bond 2023/2028 from 24.11.2023

Supplement No. 1 to the Securities Prospectus from 24.11.2023

Securities prospectus bond 2023/2028 from 12.06.2023

Green Bond Framework of AustriaEnergy International GmbH

Second Party Opinion of imug rating GmbH

Articles of association

Security agency agreement

Notarial deed of pledge

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Consolidated financial statements 2023

Half-year report 2023

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Press releases

13.12.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH: Expansion of the first green hydrogen site to second project phase to triple the capacities

27.11.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH starts second offering phase for secured 8.00% Green Bond 2023/2028: Bond can now also be subscribed via company website; focus on production of green hydrogen and ammonia

30.06.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH: secured 8.00 % Green Bond 2023/2028 tradable on the Open Market of Deutsche Börse from Monday, 3 July 2023 onwards

21.06.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH: green hydrogen as the key to “Global Net Zero” and an enormous investment topic

16.06.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH: additional tailwind for green hydrogen and green ammonia investments from EU Commission

14.06.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH: start of subscription for the new secured 8.00 % Green Bond 2023/2028; webcast for all interested investors today at 10:00

12.06.2023: AustriaEnergy International GmbH plans to issue a secured 8.00% Green Bond 2023/2028 with a volume of up to EUR 25 million

Financial calendar

12 March 2024

Consolidated financial statements 2023

30 June 2024

Interest payment for Green Bond 2023/2028

October 2024

Half-year report 2024

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Frank Ostermair, Linh Chung

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