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Developing a Green Way of Energy

The Austria Energy Group (previously known as AustrianSolar Group) was founded in Vienna, Austria in 2006, where its headquarter is located with subsidiaries and offices in Europe and Latin America. Since its commencement, the Group has been focused on the development, construction (EPCM), operation and management of renewable power plants.

Austria Energy has been operating in Spain since 2006, in Italy since 2009, in Bulgaria since 2011 and in Chile since 2013. Currently, the Group is evaluating to expand to markets such as Colombia, Peru and Cuba among others. The Group has got an extensive practical experience managing all the processes involved in the entire life cycle of a renewable project, starting from development, throughout construction and operation.

In addition, the Group has extensive experience in operating renewable assets according to the specific requirements of investors in terms of operation and maintenance and/or asset management. To date, the Group has developed approximately 1,000 MW between photovoltaic (PV) and wind energy, these between Europe and Latin America.

We develop renewable electrical energy, storable and distributable, for a better and sustainable environment.

AustriaEenergy Development

Project Development

1. Identification of Project Opportunities

2. Feasibility Study, PPA, Engineering, Environmental Permits & Interconnection

Maintenance Solar Panel by AustriaEnergy


3. EPCM Construction & Grid Connection

La Huella developed by AustriaEnergy

Operation Phase

4. Operation & Maintenance, Asset Management & Energy Sale

5. Divestment & Return to Its Original State

»We have been working with AustrianSolar for renewable energy projects in Chile since 2015. We have acquired one well-structured photovoltaic project which has been under operation since September 2019. We highly appreciate it for their professional and supportive attitude.«
»Working with AustrianSolar since 2014, we have decided in 2017/18 to acquire together with our joint venture partner three excellent developed and structured photovoltaic assets. The EPC and long-term OM contracts that came with the projects allowed us not only hassle-free execution but also financing; by this way it allowed us a smooth entry into the complex Chilean energy market. We look forward to continuing our cooperation with AustrianSolar. It may be in Chile or in some other place in the world where opportunities / synergies can be offered to us.«

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