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Our Team

AustriaEnergy is constituted by a team of highly motivated employees, of the most diverse nationalities and cultures, specialised in their respective areas which is undoubtedly considered to be our greatest strength.

The Group relies on a solid management team with a proven track-record, in the energy sector. Its multinational and multilingual nature permits the Group to quickly adjust to the challenges of a fast growing industry.


Helmut Kantner

Managing Director

Helmut Kantner founded AustriaEnergy – formerly called AustrianSolar – in 2006. He has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector, mainly in Central and South-East Europe and Chile/Latin-America. From 1998 to 2004 he led Jenbacher Peninsula Iberica as Managing Director, coordinating the sale of the company tought by General Electric and integrating it into GE Power. Throughout his career, Helmut has managed the development and construction of over 1 GW of power plants, now owned by multinationals like ENEL/ENDESA, IBERDROLA, TOTAL, SOJITZ, among others, all in renewables projects avoiding CO2 emissions.


Kurt Kantner

Managing Director

Kurt Kantner has more than twenty years of experience as high level business manager in Europe and the Middle East. He focussed on european power utilities and related industries, such as international switchgear and energy cable manufacturers, working for the US-headquartered corporations Raychem and Tyco from 1981 until 2002. Before joining AustriaEnergy in 2010, Kurt held the position as Managing Director of Weidmüller Germany from 2002 to 2010, a privately owned manufacturer of electromechanic and electronic components with revenues of $500+ million. In 2011,  he established kantner-consulting, a consulting office focussing on sales and marketing projects for industrial clients. Within AustriaEnergy Kurt is responsible for energy storage technologies and applications.


Pablo Schoennenbeck

Managing Director Chile

Pablo has more than ten years of experience in the Chilean energy sector and has a master degree in renewable energy. He started in 2007 with SW Consulting as Project Analyst in the operation and planning of conventional and renewable projects. After finishing his master, he joined AustriaEnergy. Pablo participated in the development and economic evaluation of more than 1 GW of renewable projects, being Biogas, Run-Off-River, PV and wind power plants, all in Chile.

Massimo ROMANO

Massimo Romano

Technical Director

Massimo has more than sixteen years of experience in the photovoltaic sector. With a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he entered in the renewables field in 2004 with an Italian company as Project Manager, under the first FIT Italian scheme. He joined AustriaEnergy in 2009, being in charge for the development of the Sicilian activities. During his career between Europe and Chile, Massimo has developed more than 1.1 GW of solar plants.

Cherie NEIRA

Cherie Neira

Assistant Chile

Cherie has more than twenty years of experience in administrative and executive work in large companies, serving as Executive Assistant for high positions. She started working in management of financial institutions for twelve years, in 2014 she joined AustriaEnergy assisting the General Manager and the Project Managers, in addition to ensuring the proper maintenance of the Chile’s branch.


Carina Schneeberger

Management Assistant HQ Vienna

Carina has a Bachelor in the Management of Environment and Resources and started a Master in the Management of Environment and Resources with the focus on waste and energy in 2020. In addition to that she is currently taking a Bachelor in Business Economics which she will finish within the next semester. Due to internships concerning renewable resources and technologies, Carina already gathered practical experiences in this sector. She joined AustriaEnergy in May 2020. Besides taking over the responsibility for general office duties she will be incorporated into the management of the public appearance of AustriaEnergy as well as in charge of special projects in the group concerning green hydrogen and ammonia in the future.


Should you have any enquiries, require further information or if there is anything else we can do for you, please get in touch with our team.